From Pastor Lollie Ready

I’m so excited!!! Bobby will be back in the pulpit preaching in the morning!!! God has been with us through this whole ordeal and I know He has given my husband a new lease on life and me too! One thing I’ve learned through the last three weeks is that I’m not so great under extreme conditions (when it comes to my family.) I actually am a complete mess, truth be told. When one you love so dearly and can’t imagine your life without is in a room full of doctors and you are outside waiting for the news, it can be quite stressful. At times I felt I needed the cardiologist. You know that sinking feeling you get when in that crucial moment you realize that everything you hold dear could be taken from you. I had that feeling several times in the last few weeks. I am so thankful that God spared Bobby and that I still have him.

But I also know that in life many times it’s not like that. When that sinking feeling is reality and that one you love is gone. What then? How do we cope? The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 “I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.”

What the Apostle Paul is saying here, is that for those of us who believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, (that He died on the cross for our sins, and on the third day rose from the grave to ever live and make intercession for us to our Father), we have this hope! I feel sorry for so many in the world who have no hope. Who have to endure that sinking feeling every minute of every day with no hope of eternity.

To all of my Facebook family and friends…. I offer that hope….. not my opinion but from the book of the ages, written for you and me. Many say that the Bible is just a myth written by men. Some say that Jesus was a good man, a prophet even, but they can’t believe He is God, or believe in His Word. Why, all it takes is simple faith? I guess believing in something you can’t see, or even understand is too difficult for many adults. Jesus told the crowd in Mark 10:15, “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” He said this because He knew that adults always try to make it too complicated. Jesus simply said “You believe in God, believe also in Me.”

You can’t live your life all up, not give anything to God, nor acknowledge His Son, and expect peace at the end. I think many people do not surrender their lives to Jesus because they want life with no restrictions, no rules, and no boundaries.
And by all means don’t use the “sin” word. A lot of people don’t want to think they are sinners. But the Bible say’s we all all sinners and need a Savior.Romans 3:23

I remember those days when my sin was more important to me than surrendering to God. But when I took the time to comprehend that Jesus died on the cross for me, to pay for my sins, that is when I gave everything to Him. And it was a glorious exchange!! What many don’t understand is that this transaction of salvation through Christ does not mean your life is over, no, it’s just beginning. YES it means surrendering your life, and will to God, but the benefits are so much better than what this world can offer. The benefits: forgiveness of sin, (that was my favorite) peace, joy, purpose, and HOPE! Don’t go through life with no hope, you don’t have to.

Try Jesus, “Oh taste and see that the Lord He is Good!”

This Weeks Bulletin 8-10-2014

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An Easy And Safe Way To Give

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 We have changed our church online giving from Paypal to Easy Tithe. It is a very easy and secure way to give your tithe or an offering to one of the various outreach ministries of ROLWC. In this new app you can easily give an offering to help us support our missionary Pastor Lierte Soares Junior. Thank you for your support!

This Weeks Bulletin 7-20-2014

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Latest Report From Pastor Avi in Israel



Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Over the last week, more than 1,000 rockets have been shot from the Gaza strip into Israel. Most have fallen in open fields with about 140 missiles having been shot down by means of the “Iron Dome”, preventing them from hitting civilian areas. A few rockets however, have managed to hit a few houses and buildings in Israel. It is only by the grace of God that no one has been killed and a very few injured through all this. We are amazed by the alertness and the effective response of the Israeli citizens as we hear the sound of the sirens. Even after a week of repeated barrage of missiles and with the effectiveness of the Iron Dome, we still immediately run to the nearest protective area and wait for the time to pass (about ten minutes). Last night, dozens of missiles were shot towards Tel Aviv and the center of Israel. Along with this, a few rockets were shot towards Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Hebron region. Indeed, the rockets do not distinguish between Jewish, or Arab civilians. To our joy no one was injured, Praise the Lord! Last night, three rockets were shot from South Lebanon into the west Galilee and the City of Neharyia. Thank God no one was injured. We pray that the Hezbollah will not continue shooting from the north. Our daughter OrEl, along with other young Israeli Believers is currently helping to lead the summer camp in the Nehariya area for believers here in Israel. As they were in the middle of a worship meeting, they were interrupted by a blasting Air Raid siren and needed to run along with everyone to the nearest bomb shelter. The national Home Front Command here in Israel gives specific instruction what to do when the siren sounds. In some places (like Sedrot and Ofakim) they have only 15 to 20 seconds to get to a bomb shelter.

The Hamas Terrorist Organization has hidden their rocket arsenal under the hospitals in Gaza. Hamas has put their command centers near to and sometimes inside of their kindergartens and schools. This terrorist organization also shoots their rockets from the homes of civilians in Gaza. The reason is because they know that Israel will not harm civilians purposely. They are using their own children for their own protection of their actions. In comparison, here in Israel, the Israeli aircraft industries (Raphael Industries) have been very busy producing eight Iron Domes in order to better protect the Israeli citizens. And even when the Israeli Air Force targets a terrorist’s house or building which has been used to shoot rockets, they call and send a warning message ten minutes before precision bombing. This action gives an opportunity to those inside the houses to leave before and save their lives.
This morning, up to forty rockets have been shot into Israel. The Israeli Army responded with warning announcements telling of a coming bombing and for all civilians to leave the Beit LaHiya area before 12:00 noon. Beit LeHiya is located in the north Gaza area. The reason that the IDF did this was to give the opportunity for the Palestinian civilians to leave the area before the Air Force would bomb and destroy the entire rocket arsenal which is hidden in this neighborhood. The Hamas Leadership responded to this warning by ordering the Palestinian civilians to go back to their homes while the Israeli Air Force would bomb the area. For Hamas and other terrorist organizations, it is a great honor to be a Shahid (a Holy Martyr).

As Israelis, we are not happy that more than 160 Palestinians have lost their lives this week. This has been the outcome of an unwanted war operation, thanks to a terrorist leadership in Gaza.
As of today about 800 Palestinians who have additional passport have been allowed by the Israeli government to fly out of Ben Gurion airport overseas.

Yesterday, in our congregation Adonai Roi in Tel Aviv, before we started our services we gave specific instruction where the bomb shelters were located and what to do in the event of a siren. Afterward we worshiped, prayed, and proclaimed Psalm 91. We prayed for our Prime Minister, our Cabinet, and for our Chief of Staff. We prayed for our soldiers, both believing and non-believing, and specifically for our four soldiers from our congregation R., L., C., and D.

We in Dugit ministry in collaboration with other local ministries are sending a team led by Chaya to take toys and supplies to the children in the southern region, who are living their daily lives in the bomb shelters. The team will be made up of young Israeli believers from around Israel including Sarah (Our Daughter) who will be volunteering their time from work and studies to bring some joy as clowns and other fun impersonations to the children of Israel.

Please continue to pray for us here in Israel!
Psalm 91:2 “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”

Blessings in Our Messiah,

Avi & Chaya Mizrachi

This Weeks Bulletin 7-13-2014

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Update On Recent Conflict In Israel

This is an email I received from my friend in Israel, Pastor Avi Mizrachi.  He pastors a Messianic Christian congregation in Israel.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel!


Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Over the last weekend we have had over sixty rockets falling in the south of Israel by the hands of the Hamas Terrorist organization in Gaza. This is after the fact that Israel gave an ultimatum to the Hamas which stated they had 48 hours to cease fire (till Saturday night). The response in return, we received from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad was an out pour of 60 more rockets falling from the sky into southern Israel. On Monday evening it was decided by the Israeli government to initiate a long term ground operation against the Terrorists in Gaza. The name of the operation in Hebrew is Tzook Eitan, which directly translated means Enduring Cliff. You will probably hear about it over the news stations as Operation Protective Edge. In addition our government has given permission to call up to 40 thousand reserve soldiers. Since then many Israelis have been receiving calls to report to duty including a large number of our own Messianic believers. Yesterday Tuesday, the 8th of July, the Israeli Air force targeted and successfully hit terror cells, bunkers, launchers, and underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip. In addition to this, the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Terrorists from Gaza shot 160 rockets into Israel. Four were targeted to Tel Aviv, and an additional four shot towards Jerusalem, our capital city. Air raid sirens were heard in the surrounding cities of Tel Aviv including Kfar Saba and as far north as the city of Caesarea and Hadera area throughout the evening into the night. For example, a young couple from our congregation were bringing home their newborn baby from the hospital last night when they heard suddenly the air raid sirens in Tel Aviv. They immediately left their vehicle by the side of the road while huddling with their newborn cradled in their arms. Both of our daughters were in Jerusalem last night when the air raid sirens sounded. Devorah while on the road coming home from studies at the University of Jerusalem had to listen to the targeted areas on the radio. While Sarah, on a date with her boyfriend Nati they had to run to the nearest bomb shelter. Last night as Israelis ran to the bomb shelters, five Hamas commando terrorists tried to infiltrate Israel by the sea onto the beaches in South Israel (Kibbutz Zikkim) with the intention to murder innocent Israeli citizens. The IDF intercepted and eliminated these terrorists It is important to mention that yesterday during all this going on, Israel still continues to supply water, electricity, and food supplies to the Gaza strip. Over 170 trucks with supplies were allowed into the Gaza strip between yesterday and today to provide supplies for the Palestinians. This morning (Wednesday) sirens were heard in Tel Aviv again. Not even noon yet here, and already 30 rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza strip by the Gaza Terrorists (Hamas and Islamic Jihad). 

 Today’s headlines in the news in Israel is Medina Tachat Esh which means: A Country Under Fire. No country in the world would tolerate these acts of terrorism. Israel has the right to defend her citizens and fight terrorists.

 We are amazed after so many rockets shot at Israel that very few Israelis have been injured in the process. In Psalm 121:4 it says: He that keeps Israel shall never slumber nor sleep. 

 As we have talked to local Israeli believers in our congregation, the overwhelming feeling is one of peace and trust in the God of Israel. We believe that it is He who will see us through these times, and it is He who will deliver us from our enemies. 

We are asking you believers and intercessors to stand with us in prayer for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Please Pray specifically for: Protection of our soldiers and citizens, Wisdom for our Leaders, victory over our fear and our enemy, and Salvation for all Israel.

 Blessings in Our Messiah,


Avi & Chaya Mizrachi 



This Weeks Bulletin 7-6-2014

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This Weeks Bulletin 6-29-2014


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This Weeks Bulletin 6-22-2014

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