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From Pastor Lollie Ready


Happy Christians?

I heard a recent comment by one of America’s most famous pastors that has me so disturbed. Basically saying that we obey God for ourselves and we worship not for Him but for ourselves, because if we do we will be happy and when we are happy God is happy. Wow isn’t that sweet! 

We are living in an age of far extreme Christian culture. A two sided coin. With one culture of Christianity where millions of Christians in other parts of the world are being killed for their faith in Christ,or at best being run out of their towns with only the clothes on their backs.So many are suffering grave consequences for their faith, and yet still professing and loving Jesus. Many of you have seen the video of the Christians in China in the underground church that received a shipment of Bibles. I was so moved to see how they wept when they opened the box of Bibles and kissed them when they were each given one. 

And then we hear this; that we don’t serve and worship for God, we do it for ourselves, so that we will be happy. Hog wash! Tell that to the Christian pastor Saeed Abedini who is rotting in an Iran prison for His unrelenting faith in Jesus! Is he happy because he obeyed the Lord? No he is not happy being tortured daily and being separated from his family and his flock. But he has peace that God is with him. I am happy in Jesus no doubt, but if tomorrow everything I love was taken from me, I hope and pray that I will still have peace in knowing that God has a purpose for everything that He does. Are we promised happiness? No we are not! Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” The word happy is used in the Bible but the Hebrew and greek translation for happy is actually “blessed.” Being blessed by God doesn’t always mean that you have money, nice things, and good health. Being blessed by God can be as simple as just knowing that your sins are forgiven and you have a heavenly home waiting for you. Or how about you are blessed because you have pleased your God with your life. 

Christians what side of the coin of Christian culture do you belong? If you are listening to this happy message of Christian bliss and prosperity beware it’s a false teaching.

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