In a time when our young people are being exposed to so many things we understand that our influence is vitally important. We have a couple of hours a week to plant in them truth that they can live by. We stress the importance of holy living and staying true to what we believe in. So in order to do this they must know truth and that can only come from the Holy Word of God.  We love our Youth and do all we can to keep them actively involved in church ministries and activities all throughout the year. Twice a year we take them away to camp.  There they unplug from the world and plug into God. In June of this year we will take them to Kings Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, Mississippi for five days. They will come back spiritually charged and closer to God and each other.

On Sunday mornings at 9:00 the youth gather together for Sunday School in the youth building to study the word and fellowship. On Wednesday nights the youth have their own worship time in the youth building.